Distinguished by our commitment to understanding and attention to the needs of our clients. We identified a high demand for a grinding, polishing and brightening system, as well as the need for products that guarantee unmatched quality results. Our focus is on maximizing profitability per square meter worked.

Based on feedback from our clients and the application of high-end abrasives and chemicals on hundreds of thousands of square meters of polished floors throughout the Mexican Republic, we set out to create a superior alternative on the market. After years of dedicated research, extensive testing and valuable experience from users in various regions of the country, we have managed to develop a high-performance floor polishing system that meets and exceeds required expectations. Cretolux system.


Offer high-quality solutions in products for grinding, polishing and brightening, as well as advisory services and personalized training that contribute to the success and growth of our clients.


To be the leading brand in the supply of consumables for grinding, polishing and brightening, standing out for our excellence in quality, customer service and personalized approach to training.